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I’m at my wit’s end.

I need help, guys.

This kitten is one that I got from a rundown piece of shit house in Tampa, Florida that I plan on calling the ASPCA on when I have a chance. My options are running low because we went there because the woman told us that she was selling 14 week old kittens. As you can see, he’s not 14 weeks. He’s 6 months old. My mom’s had surgery and she wanted a kitten like my own (the sleeping one on the last pic)

This house was disgusting. The woman wouldn’t let us inside or anything. Long story short, I ended up paying $20 just to get this guy away from her. He’d never had a bath, never had his claws trimmed, and had never left the house even for a vet visit. His body is emaciated to where you can see his hip bones protruding and the way his muscles are deteriorated in his back legs. I spent $60 that I couldn’t afford to take him to a vet and get his first round of vaccinations but I can’t do much more.

I don’t even live here. I’m visiting my mom. My mom doesn’t want this kitten. He’s too old for her and she doesn’t want a ‘damaged’ animal. I’m calling him Gator for now, but this little guy is terrified of everything.

What kills me is that he’s actually a fucking precious kitten. Get him used to his environment and he will roll around and purr at you and he’s actually really chatty and likes to bump his head against you. It’s just that it takes hours of being gentle with him to get to that point. My mom has refused to see him long enough to witness this.

I want to go back home, guys. I can’t keep staying here with my family and I can’t take Gator back to Washington with me because he and my kitten aren’t getting along well enough that I feel safe in having them share a carrier. He needs a lot of care and my family won’t provide it for him.

Can someone please take this guy in? He’s a real sweetie and he DOES like other cats (tried to approach mine but mine was hissing). He loves catnip and dark spaces and to be petted gently. I’m at my parent’s house in Sarasota, Florida right now and I want to go home because I can’t stand being trapped here any longer.

Please PLEASE signal boost so we can find this guy a home that can help him with what he needs.

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