Everyone knows that Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski are two awkward boners away from an atypical love story.

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Someone should write a fic where Derek and Stiles are married, have kids, the whole happy domestic family shebang… and then one day, Derek doesn’t come home. Stiles is distraught, but he’s got two kids to look after and he just hopes desperately that his dad and the other deputies can figure out what happened.

 Only they don’t, and it’s not until two strangers come to the house claiming to be Derek’s family—when Stiles knew for a fact that they had all died in a tragic house fire— he realizes that not everything is what it seems.

He finds out there are things like werewolves and hunters, and that Derek’s affinity for the moon goes far beyond his tendency to throw Stiles on the bed in a fit of passion that would extend the entire night.

Stiles’ head is still reeling when Laura tells him that Derek’s been taken by hunters, and that there’s a chance the children will be next.

No matter how scary it is, though, he’s not going to leave Derek to die. He might just be a school counselor, but he’s the son of the sheriff and apparently married to a werewolf.

So Stiles decides then and there that he’s going to get his husband back no matter what, and then they can have words after Derek is safe and sound.

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