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ahh i just remembered something i saw today that made me tear up a little. there was this family in the store that I walked by on my way to pick up my returns.

The little boy in the cart had no hair or eyebrows, he was pale, looked like he’d recently been out of the hospital for treatment for leukemia or something.

What got me was that his dad was hugging him. Not like ‘hey here’s a hug’, either. He had the cart stopped and his arms wrapped entirely around his son in a full body hold, like he just was so happy that his kid was alive and smiling. his cheek was on top of the kid’s head and the son was laughing and wiggling in his dad’s arms, but he just let his dad hold him, and was chatting to his big sister, who was standing next to the cart and wouldn’t take her eyes off of him. he looked tired, but he had this huge, happy smile that was so big you could see the gaps in his grin where his baby teeth had fallen out.

I’m pretty sure they might have just come home from the hospital and were stopping at the store to get some things.

I swear my heart was ready to explode out of my chest.

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